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Easy to use online tools. Powerful backend systems. Registration forms optimized for your attendees and exhibitors.

Real Time Reporting

24/7 reporting with full exports of your data -- before, during, and after your event.

Onsite Services

On-Demand Badge Printing, Session Scanning, Equiment rental, staffing, or onsite support -- we've got you covered!

Full-service, cloud-based, registration afford your team the flexibility to focus on your attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors. CRI allows you to customize your registration platform online and onsite with turn-key API integrations and online badge design.

CRI offers a mobile app, bar-codes scanners and RFID readers for the most demanding exhibitors.

Self service scanners, session admittance, and class rosters take the guess work out of your session attendance.

We provide equipment, financial processing, reporting, and staff.

Mobile friendly reporting. Access 24/7 reporting with full exports of your event -- before during and after you event.

Software Tools

Our software tools are designed to get your event live quickly, allow you to make edits at any time, and get the data you need anytime -- before, during, and after your event.


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